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I'm currently using the Quicken Classic Premier, version R54.16. I've been having trouble with my transactions not updating from my USAA checking account. I also have a savings account with USAA with the same login but I did not add it to Quicken. I've tried resetting my account as well as deactivating and reactivating. It lets me sign back in with no issues but the missing transactions are still not there. When I do the One Step Update, it seemingly updates and just tells me there are 0 new transactions. My connection method is Express Web Connect+. Additionally, I've tried making a new Quicken file as a test to see if my transactions would be missing there too but when adding the checking account to the new one file, everything shows up correct.

This also occurred last week and I had to re-add the USAA account as a new account and delete the old one. But, doing so did not update all of my categories so I went through everything and re categorized my transactions from last year up to now so that my budget would match. For now, I've set my preferences so that I can manually review each transactions to hopefully be able to see if anything is missing without me noticing going forward as some transactions that I don't have dated back to last week when I checked on my USAA account. I would love to know if there is any way I can get some help with this. Thank you!


  • Hello @Lai45,

    When did this issue begin to occur? After a recent update? To clarify, you are not receiving any error codes or messages and the downloads appear to complete as normal? Do you have any other accounts with USAA that are connected online besides the checking account?

    Let me know!

    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • Lai45
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    @Quicken Jasmine I can't pinpoint the exact time this started occurring but some of my transactions from last month had been missing when I went back and checked. This doesn't happen with every transactions and I sometimes make a lot of them throughout the month so I don't notice that something is wrong right away. Yes, I am not receiving any error codes or messages and the downloads complete normally. The accounts with my other institutions are getting updated without any problems. I don't have another account with USAA, just the checking account.

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