United Nations Federal Credit Union FDP-103/QCS-0429-2 QMAC

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  • Caps214
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    I have this same issue and opened a service request about this issue in February. I was told there is no ETA for a resolution, it's been several weeks at this point. I have provided logs and screenshots, as requested. As a manual workaround I have used the download transactions to CSV from my UNFCU account page and then re-formatted for upload to Quicken Simplifi. For now, that is working, but it is frustrating that this issue seems widespread and weeks have gone by.

    I receive on of these two error messages:

    From Chrome: To connect to United Nations FCU, you must re-enter your credentials. If that does not work, try entering them on the website at United Nations FCU to ensure they are correct.
    Care Code: FDP-103

    From FireFox and Anroid App: We are unable to update United Nations FCU at this time. Please try again later. If you continue to experience issues, please contact Simplifii support.
    Care Code: QCS-0429-2

    I have reset my password several times and changed my username once - the logons work fine on the UNFCU site, but fail in Quicken Simplifi. I have also tried the suggestion to reduce the password length and remove questionable special characters (as specified on a Quicken support article). I have also tried waiting 48+ hours as instructed by Quicken support to try re-connecting. None of the troubleshooting steps have worked.

  • Quicken Kristina
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    Hello @Caps214,

    This is the Quicken Classic Community. If you're having these issues in Quicken Simplifi, I'd recommend going to the Quicken Simplifi Community for assistance.

    That said, here is the initial troubleshooting for the FDP-103 (invalid credentials) and QCS-429-2 errors in Quicken Simplifi:

    Wait at least 24 hours from the most recent time you got the QCS-429-2 error, then follow these steps:

    • Verify the bank being selected -- There may be several different versions of the same bank in the Add Account bank list, so be sure you're selecting the correct one. If you're not sure, compare the URLs shown for each bank.
    • Verify your login information – Type your password/PIN into a text application to ensure you don’t have any typographical errors. Then, copy and paste your login information into Quicken Simplifi to ensure accuracy.
    • Verify your login at the bank’s website – Try to sign in to your bank’s website using the same login credentials to ensure you've not locked yourself out of the account and that the credentials are still valid.
    • Check for an app-specific password – Some banks require users to use a specific app password when connecting to a third party. Check with your bank to see if you need to use an app-specific password.
    • Update your credentials – Try temporarily updating your password at your bank's website and then try again to connect to Quicken Simplifi. We recommend NOT using the following special characters: & < > / \.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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