R55.12 - CC-901 repeating error for Chase accounts


After completing the latest update to version R55.12, I ran a one-step update. I received a message that Chase accounts needed re-authorization, went through the process on my Chase login, and tried the update again. The CC-901 error shows up regarding 2 of several Chase accounts that are under the same Chase login. I clicked on "Reauthorize" and went through the process with Chase again. The CC-901 error still shows up after a one-step update. I reviewed information at the Chase account and it appears that all accounts should be authorized, and on the one-step update I see a green indicator for all of the accounts on the update summary. At this point I have gone through the process at Chase to re-authorize at least 4 times.

Yet, the CC-901 error still shows as requesting reauthorization for 2 accounts. How to fix this? Or is this a problem at Intuit?


  • Quicken Jasmine
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    Hello @jwschmidt,

    Are you reauthorizing the accounts individually or all at once?

    Let me know!

    -Quicken Jasmine

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    never mind -

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

  • jwschmidt
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    When I log into Chase after clicking "Reauthorize" link in the error message, it appears that all the accounts shared with Intuit are being re-authorized. I don't see a way to select individual accounts unless I were to remove sharing from other accounts and and add them back later. After leaving Chase I see the screen from Quicken that accounts have been authorized successfully, and then the "Add accounts" screen where I see the two accounts that supposedly needed re-authorization listed with "Link to existing account" set up. I checked that they were linked correctly. Other Chase accounts under the same login show "Do not add to Quicken".

    After leaving that screen I see a screen that downloads for those 2 accounts were successful.

    On the updating progress screen it seems that the 2 accounts in question are being updated, but then on the summary of the update the CC-901 error shows up for those 2 accounts and they are not listed in the list below of updated accounts. It seems as if Quicken or Intuit is not properly recognizing the re-authorization.

  • jwschmidt
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    I believe I worked out a solution to this problem, although I don't understand why it worked.

    In the "Online Services" tab of the "Account Details" menu, I clicked "Reset Account" for each of the Chase accounts that were being reported as not authorized. That led me again through the Chase re-authorization process and the "Add Account" menu in Quicken to re-link each account. Now the one step update completes with no complaints. I have a total of 6 accounts under the same Chase login, so I have no idea why only 2 (that seem to be grouped together for some reason in the update process) developed this failure to recognize authorization, but the reset process on each one seemed to resolve the issue.

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