Tax Summary with Subtotal by Payee

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In Quicken I select:

  1. Reports / Tax / Tax Summary
  2. then change "Subtotal by: " to "Payee"

There is an issue when reporting on mutual funds. The mutual fund names appears like:

85.000 Mawer Global Equity

The units involved in the transaction appear to be included with the Payee name. Therefore, none of the transactions are subtotaled by Payee.

It is not an issue with stocks or ETFs.

The included image show an example of the report with the top transactions being mutual funds and the bottom transactions an ETF.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug I should report?


  • Jim_Harman
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  • robick
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    Using Reports → Investing → Investment Transactions as suggested from the above discussion does provide the information I am looking for. It does allow the report to be grouped by "Security".

    However, I'm still confused why a "Payee" would have the number of units in the name. Does this make sense to anybody?

    Or, maybe a better question is, what is the difference between "Payee" and "Security" from a tax reporting point of view?

    Maybe, from a tax point of view, it would make more sense for the report to provide sub totals by "Security" (instead of Payee) so there is no confusion?

  • Geobrick
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    I think quicken needs to fix it. There's no reason to append the quantity to the beginning of the payee (or security) name. They only seem to do it for reinvested dividends (whether they are stocks, ETFs or mutual funds).