Prompted to reauthorize with Citi every time (QMac)

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  • Steve Ettlinger
    Steve Ettlinger Member ✭✭

    THIS IS AGONIZING! March 15 here still having to re-authorize Citibank and Citicard accounts every time. Quicken, can't you talk with Citibank about this? You seem to be ignoring the problem. years ago I arranged a conference call between the tech folks at both places (with me on the phone, too) and they resolved an issue that was similar. HELP! This is really basic.

  • Quicken Kristina
    Quicken Kristina Moderator mod

    Hello @Steve Ettlinger,

    If you are getting reauthorize prompts every time, that means that Quicken is seeing at least one Citi account that it thinks is still connected by the old connection method. The reauthorization prompt should tell you the name of the account(s) that it is seeing (see sample image below).

    Take note of the account name(s) it is seeing that still need to be reauthorized. Then, go to Accounts>Hide and Show Accounts and look for that account name. If it is a closed or inactive account that no longer needs to be connected in Quicken, then backup your file and deactivate the account. You can mark it closed if appropriate.

    If the account(s) is still an active account, then you would want to check to see if there are any extra accounts connected to that financial institution (since one of the more common causes of this issue is if the reauthorized account gets added as new instead of linked to the existing account). Once you have found the account(s) as well and any extra/duplicate accounts, backup your Quicken file, deactivate the account(s), and if there are duplicate accounts, delete the duplicates. Then, to reconnect the account(s) that needs to be reauthorized, go to Accounts>Add Account and follow the prompts, being careful to link your account(s) to the appropriate name in Quicken.

    Warning: If you have any Citi Cards accounts connected by Direct Connect and you do not want to move them to the new connection method (which would show as Quicken Connect), please make sure those accounts are unselected or set to Ignore on the Add/Link screen.

    Let me know how it goes!

    Quicken Kristina

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