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I have an old, now eliminated credit card in my password vault. Quicken asks me each time for the password. I've deleted the account, but it still shows up in the vault. How do I delete the account from the vault?


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    Hello @nboone732,

    To answer your question, you cannot directly delete an account from the Password Vault. That said, when you delete an account from your Quicken file, it should also be removed from the vault (although if you still have other accounts in your Quicken with that financial institution, they will still show in the vault). You can delete a password from the vault by going to Tools>Password Vault, Add or Edit Passwords. It will ask you for the Vault password. Once you put that in, it will open the vault. If you have passwords stored, you are able to click on that line to delete the password.

    If you do not use the Password Vault and don't want to be challenged for the Vault password at all, you can delete the entire vault by going to Tools>Password Vault>Delete Vault and all Saved Passwords. Please note that if there are any accounts you connect to using Direct Connect, deleting the Password Vault will cause Quicken to forget those passwords and you'll be asked to fill them in every time you run One Step Update.

    That said, if an account you deleted is still showing in your Password Vault, that is not normal behavior. I would recommend going to Tools>Account List, checking the Show hidden accounts checkbox near the lower left (it will be visible only if you have hidden accounts), and reviewing to see if the account is still in your Quicken file.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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