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Over the past 4 months 2 times I experienced that the EWC+ connection with BofA FAILED to download Cleared Transactions. Going to BofA Website I confirmed each time Transactions in question were cleared. The missing Transactions NEVER downloaded. Seems the 2nd time this took place, 1) I had not connected on the Day those Transactions would have downloaded, 2) thereafter the connectioned failed to download any Transactions.

In order to get the File to download I had to De-Activate and Re-Activate my BofA Accts. When doing so, my register balances were incorrect in those accts were the Transactions failed to download. Accts where I had no pending Transaction to download, the acct register Balances were fine. When I looked at the register OPENING BALANCE it had been chnaged (I achieve yearly and start register from 1/1/XXXX). I know it changed because I looked at the prior year Achieved Data File and saw the difference.

So My questions of others….

  1. Have others experienced EWC+ failures to download cleared Transactions
  2. If your Fix was to De-Activate/Re-Activate…did you find your Acct Register Balance altered?

EWC+ really has diminished the usefulness of Quicken adding more manual entry work…enetering Transactions at the BofA website to be processed and than is Quicken Registers…..I don't know after 35yrs+ of using Quicken I want to put up with this extra Entry work.


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    The changing of the opening balances after a De-Activate/Re-Activate has been a sporadic on-going issue for years. Quicken has made a few attempts to correct it but the issue remains - sporadic. A good practice is to write down the correct amount preferably in the memo field of each opening balance line, or in a text file on your computer (so you don't have to go back to an archived file). That way when you have to De-Activate/Re-Activate you can easily look at each opening balance memo and make corrections if needed.

    About missing transactions: It does happen perhaps couple of times a year for me, I don't recall it happening with my BofA but it is possible. If you have cloud sync enabled, sometimes that causes conflicts. If you don't access Quicken via Mobile or Web, I suggest that you disable cloud sync under Edit menu > Preferences > Mobile & Web

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    Hello @denmarfl,

    To answer your questions, first, there is currently a known issue with Bank of America not downloading/missing transactions. Please review this Community Alert for further information. To receive notifications of updates, when available, please bookmark the alert also. If you do not see the option to bookmark the alert, please make sure you're signed into the Community.

    Second, the opening balance is a calculated value in Quicken. Because of this, when deactivating/reconnecting an account, there is a slight chance of the balance changing. @BK's recommendation to put the opening balance in the Memo field is a good idea since, if it does change, you have an easy way to know what it should be and correct it.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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    @Quicken Kristina

    Second, the opening balance is a calculated value in Quicken. 

    It is the "Prior Balance" of a reconciliation that is a calculated value. The Opening Balance for an account register or transaction list is (supposed to be) a constant.

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    Thank you for your reply @q_lurker,

    You are correct; the Opening Balance should not change. However, there are rare times when it does change (see this article for more information about Opening Balances changing on accounts that migrated to EWC+), and when that happens, it throws off calculated values, such as the Prior Balance in a reconcile.

    Thank you!

    Quicken Kristina

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