Setting up a biller with OTP and autopay


Recently I set up autopay for a utility bill and added OTP (2-factor authorization). Both were done at the utilities web site. Today I updated the online biller in Quicken. First problem I had was that, after entering the login information and waiting quite a long time, Quicken came back with a message to enter the code that was sent to either my phone or email. I waited a while and checked both my phone and email before realizing that Quicken really needed me to enter the OTP from my authenticator app. This done Quicken did add the online biller. So my first complaint is that Quicken should be updating the user interface to recognize and inform the user that an OTP code is potentially needed.

Second problem (maybe a feature) is that Quicken made an entry in the Bills and Income tab for the utility and it was denoted as autopay. I tried to link this to a reminder several ways. First, link it to an existing reminder. The reminder did not appear in the selection list. Second link my existing reminder to an online biller. This worked except that the "autopay entry" remained in my Bills and Income. Third way was to create a new reminder which still left the autopay entry in the Bills and Income section. With autopay turned on for a biller I suppose I need to delete the reminders that are considered "manual." The real problem is that I need to edit this "autopay" reminder because it has the wrong category. Maybe I just need to enter it to see what happens.


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    Hello @Snorkle,

    When you connect an online biller in your Quicken, you will see the entry show up in Bills & Income. If you're trying to edit the category for the reminder, you should be able to do so by going to Tools>Manage Bill & Income Reminders, scroll until you find the correct reminder, then right click on it and select Edit this instance and all future instances. In the details section (near the center of the Edit Bill Reminder window, you should be able to click to edit Category, Tag, and/or Memo.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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