Investment Performance report totals keep increasing when Subtotal by changed

As the title says, if I run open the Investment Performance report and then switch to a different "Subtotal by" option, the numbers in the "Overall Total" line increase each time I switch. So, if I open the report, it defaults subtotaling by account, and then if I switch to subtotal by month, the overall totals are higher, then if I switch to subtotal by year, they go up again, and if I go back to month, they are higher again, and so on. Switching date ranges "resets" the overall totals, but then switching the subtotal by option makes the totals start increasing again.


  • Matt
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    What a strange coincidence. I noticed the same behavior just this morning. I'm on Quicken for Windows R55.15.

    It behaves as described above. I can keep incrementing what it thinks is the total again and again. I don't think I've seen this in previous versions but I don't always use this report so it's hard to say how new it is.

  • ameat
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    Is anyone from Quicken looking at this?

  • NotACPA
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    This is a user-to-user forum, not Quicken Support (staffed by employees). So, no one here can answer your question.

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  • Matt
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    Paging @Quicken Anja - how can we get this bug logged and targeted for a future fix? The original post describes how easy it is to reproduce this issue. I can confirm I have the same bug.