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  • c.keene
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    I want to downgrade from my current subscription which will renew on 5/4. Please advise on the steps I need to do this and also to activate and deactivate an email that I have already set up as new.
    New email- [Removed - Personal Info]

    Old email- [Removed - Personal Info]

    This is not a new subscription
    Thank you

    Cynthia Keene-1952

  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @c.keene,

    First, please be advised not to post your email addresses or other personal information as this forum is a public platform and can be accessed by anyone who has internet access. I have removed the email addresses from your post.

    As for your request to downgrade your subscription and change your email; please contact Quicken Support directly by phone to inquire about this. Our phone support agents will have the necessary tools available in order to properly assist you with this, which this channel, unfortunately, does not.

    Thank you!

    -Quicken Anja
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