Where To Find Mortgage Info?


Where is My Info for my Mortgage


  • Tom Young
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    Not really sure what your question is.

    I'll guess that you've created a loan Account for your mortgage, used the Quicken loan "wizard" to establish the loan, set up the Account for downloading, and now you're trying to look at the loan register that shows the payments?

    If that's correct then the problem is that downloading loans don't allow you to look at the loan register. The conceit is that the download of payments from the loan service is perfect and you don't need to look at that information since the principal payments are spelled out for you in the checking Account. To actually look at the loan register with a downloading loan you need to stop the downloading process, turning the Account into a "manual" loan Account.

    If my guess is incorrect you need to add some detail.

  • NotACPA
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    The other problem with downloading into a mortgage account is that ONLY the principal payment downloads … not the interest component nor any Escrow amounts.

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  • RalphC
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    I can access my mortgage data in the Accounts Menu under the Property and Debt. It displays tabs for Loan Details, Payment Details, Equity, and a What If Tool.

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