Auto Reconcile unmasked (R to C) prior month transactions

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Windows 11 Pro

Quicken Classic R54.9


Chase checking account - daily download scheduled

When I got my March statement and selected reconcile. I was out of balance AND saw cleared transactions from the prior month that were R before selecting reconcile.

I mark each statement with the date and status of reconciling. The February statement was marked as completed. I manually checked the current reconcile against the paper statement and found 1 duplicate downloaded transaction and 1 transaction posted in the checking account that belonged in a different Chase download account.

What caused the prior month transactions to unmask? Why transactions posting in wrong account?

I need to rely on downloads for security against hackers.


  • NotACPA
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    Are you downloading from the Q Mobile app? It's possible that the cloud account that QMobile, and QWeb, use overwrote the data in your desktop product.

    One of the many reasons why you'll find that few, if any, SuperUsers use QMobile or QWeb.

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  • John_L
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    All downloads originate in Quicken Classic. I have a daily 7 AM sweep of all my accounts. Best hack detector to view all transactions new every day.

  • Tom Young
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    It could be user error, an errant series of keystrokes and saves. By default the program should issue a warning and ask you if you want to change a transaction from "R" to "c." Do you have that feature disabled?

    If you do use QMobile and/or QWeb I'm not sure that originating all downloads from the desktop program makes you immune to "cloud" issues. I think that blind "syncing" is a vector for file corruption and really shouldn't be used in a desktop accounting program.

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