DATCU requiring 2 step authentication when performing a ONE STEP UPDATE - Since 3/20/24


Since 3/20, while running Quicken ONE STEP UPDATE, DATCU began requiring a two step authentication, code sent to either my email or cell phone before continuing. No issue, I get the 6 digit code in an email from DATCU, enter it to the ONE STEP UPDATE message and it completes successfully. Subsequent to the completion of the downloaded financials I receive a follow-up email from DATCU that "A successful login has occurred on your account from a new device. If you did not authorize this request, please contact us." Since 3/20, I need to do this each time I perform a ONE STEP UPDATE and DATCU each time follows it up with an Alert that I'm attempting this from a new device, obviously not recognizing the prior days download and authentication from this exact same device. Running current version R55.27. There was a similar issue in January of 2023, that went on for week.


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    Hello @stevesjh,

    What is your connection method with DATCU? You can see the connection method by navigating to Tools > Account List. To clarify, this issue started recently? Do your downloads function correctly besides the repeated 2FA? Do you know of any recent changes with your financial institution?


    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • stevesjh
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    Connection is a Express Web Connect, no changes from my perspective. Yes, DATCU performed a software update when the issue began similar to the January 2023 occurrence with similar issues. I first reported this to them, and as in January 2023 they wanted me to report this to you at Quicken, which I did with this Post. I was clear to them that no other financial institutions were being impacted from my Quicken One Step update that pulls from 7 different firms and I believed the problem was on their end. They agreed to log an issue with their tech services. My last call to them about a week ago was they were aware and working the issue with you at Quicken.

    Appears the issue was resolve 4/18 as my pull from yesterday and today 4/19 didn't ask for the 2 step authentication. Can't say I have a lot of faith in DATCU and their software updates that this may not occur in the future with their next software release.

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