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I haven't itemized in years with the standard deduction being so high. In 2025 it will be cut in half and it may be time to consider itemizing again. The MOST tedious, monotonous, and time consuming task I spend with Quicken is getting split transaction entry right. Saving receipts that aren't digital and importing them to the register with the right categories has always been a challenge. Digital receipts a little less so, but still the entry is needed. Sometimes stores do not provide accurate or useful descriptions on receipts either making it even harder. My idea, if it hasn't already been presented, is to use machine learning to automate the majority of these task for Quicken users. This would truly be a huge time saver for how much time I spend in Quicken to have reliable data for my budget and dealing with tax season.

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    In a way, with the proper Preferences activated(*), this "machine learning process" is already available in Quicken.
    Once you record the first transaction for a specific payee name, e.g., "Safeway - Groceries" and defined the splits as needed, e.g., Groceries, Sales Tax, you're half way there.
    When you ensure that this transaction has been memorized after recording it in a register, next time you go to Safeway and start recording a new transaction, just begin typing the first few characters of the Payee Name. The popup selection window will show you the memorized Safeway - Groceries transaction. Select it, enter the new total transaction amount, select the Split details dialog, update the amounts for groceries and Sales Tax and you're done.

    (*) Please ensure that all optional settings in Quicken pertaining to recall, memorization, automatic categorization and renaming of payee names are enabled. You find those settings in Edit / Preferences / Data Entry & Quickfill and Downloaded Transactions. Additional settings for the detection and processing of transfer transactions can be found in Edit / Preferences / Transfer detection.

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    Hello @spooki,

    As @UKR pointed out, there already is some machine learning available in Quicken. Are the existing features falling short of your needs? If so, could you please provide more details how you'd like to see the machine learning improved?

    Thank you!

    Quicken Kristina

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