Setting up a Home Business and a Rental Property business in Quicken


Hello - my wife has 2 businesses and we need some guidance on how to properly set them up and run the businesses in Quicken. Is there anyone who can provide guidance or are there tools that show how to do this?



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    PS - I am using Quicken Classic Business & Personal for Windows

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    The Help for the business features is quite clear and complete. Go to Help > Quicken help and in the left column, scroll down and click on Business.

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    Adding on to @Jim_Harman 's response …

    After setting up your personal and business bank accounts in Quicken, to get started with setting up a small business start reading here:
    More info about setting up and managing rental properties can be found here:

    These links give you the same information as you get from Help / Quicken Help (or pressing the F1 function key in Quicken), but you'll be using your Internet browser instead of the internal browser from Quicken.

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    Running 2 businesses in Q is not a problem. For several years I ran my IT consulting practice and my wife's Business Strategy business using Q.

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