NOT a Quicken issue but a Citi issue with adding new wire transfer payees

Phil Burton
Phil Burton Member, Windows Beta Beta

This is a Citibank issue, not a Quicken issue, but I just need to vent.

Last week I wanted to add a new payee for the Instant Transfer option for wire transfers. (A no fee option.) I ran into a bunch of unexplained errors and spent maybe two hours on the phone with various Citibank support peopled.

In the process of trying to isolate this problem, I tried Firefox, EDGE on Windows and the iOS mobile app.

I discovered, the hard way, that you cannot have a "-" in the account number, even if your FI includes that in their account number in a webpage customized for your accounts at this FI.

The name of a "business" cannot include a "." or any other "special characters," even if the business name does include a ".".

After I got past those silly error and clicked ADD, I got an error message. Last Tuesday, I was assured that this problem would be fixed by Thursday. Thursday came and went. On Friday, two days ago, I was told that the problem was still being worked on and the support guy promised to call me back on Monday with status.

Again, not a Quicken issue, but I just need to vent. If I were not so deep into Citibank, I would be looking for a new bank, but I am in that deep.


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