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Went in to change my password for my Quicken account. Received a verification code and submitted the change. I get an error message to "TRY AGAIN", then I get a link to request help if the error continues. Went to the link which only explains how to change the password and nothing on how to resolve the error. Click on "CHAT" for help and got sent to the Community. Search for "fix error when changing password" and nothing. So how do I get help to fix this problem?


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    Hello @edesoto56,

    To help troubleshoot the issue, there are a couple different things that can trigger a "Try Again" error:

    1. If the verification code is incorrect or expired. The most common causes of this are either taking a long time to retrieve/input the code, or not receiving the code, requesting a new one, then the old, expired code shows up and doesn't work, since it expired as soon as the new one was requested.
      1. If this is the issue you're encountering, then to resolve it, you would want to delete all the verification code emails that have arrived and then wait 10-15 minutes (to give any delayed messages a chance to show up). Delete any new codes that arrived while you were waiting 10-15 min, then try going through the process again.
    2. Trying to re-use an old password or trying to change the password to one that doesn't meet Quicken's password criteria. To resolve this issue, make sure you're using a new password that meets the criteria listed below.
      1. Per this article, Quicken's password requirements are:
        1. 8 character minimum.
        2. Must contain one lower case letter and one capital letter.
        3. Must contain at least one number.
        4. Special characters are allowed but not required. 

    If the troubleshooting above doesn't help, or you prefer to have a Support representative walk you through the process, you can find their contact information at this link: . Please note that support is available from 5:00 am PT to 5:00 pm PT (Monday - Friday by phone, 7 days a week by chat).

    It sounds like when you tried to contact us by chat earlier, you got redirected to a self service option instead. That's very easy to do since there are multiple opportunities for self service before you get a representative. To contact us by chat, on the Support page, click the Chat now option.

    In the window that comes up, click the Contact Us button.

    Then, ignore the textbox and click the Chat Now button.

    Ignore the textbox again and click Message Us.

    That should start a chat conversation, initially with the chatbot, and if it can't resolve the issue, you'll get a representative.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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