Roth 401k, After-tax Contribution In-service Rollover Tracking

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I have a 401k where I make 100% Roth contributions, and also after-tax contributions with 100% in-service rollover to Roth. I'm aware of the unfortunate issues with trying to select a Roth 401k account when doing the paycheck setup for "After-Tax Deductions". I'm working on a solution where I create a standard investment account, and then I'll edit the transaction in the register later such that it gets moved to the correct "real" Roth account. I may play around with seeing if I can actually turn this placeholder into the real Roth account that is tied to the investment firm.

I'm trying to track my "standard" Roth 401k contributions and after-tax contributions (with the in-service rollover) separately, so that I can run reports to see where I am with approaching the yearly limits. The "Roth" paycheck setup, which unfortunately can't be linked to a Roth (and is linked to my placeholder), has the <investment account>/Roth401kContrib text listed under Category/Account for the standard Roth contribution. I created another line for the after-tax contributions, to the same investment account, but it doesn't show the /Roth401kContrib after the investment account name.

Does anyone have a more graceful solution to this? Presuming I stick with tracking these separately, how can I get the contributions for the in-service rollover to also be attributed with /Roth401kContrib? Should I?


  • Quicken Kristina
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    Hello @flammafeuer,

    If I'm understanding correctly, you intend to set up a dummy Investment account for the paycheck reminders to send funds to, and then move those transactions to the actual connected Roth account?

    Since you're wanting to preserve that /Roth401kContrib, maybe your best bet would be using the option to move transactions from the dummy account to the real account. To do that, first, backup your Quicken file, then go to the gear icon near the upper right of the dummy account register (with the investment transactions you want to move).

    Select Move Transactions. In the window that comes up, put a checkmark by each transaction you want to move, then in the dropdown near the lower right, chose the account to move to.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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