Having issues with USAA reauthorization?

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I reauthorized USAA for my credit card account a few weeks ago according to a communication I got. It was working fine for April but had to reauthorize again today and it still did not download a transaction made on May 1st. I had to manually enter the transaction. Anyone else seeing this sort of issue with USAA?


  • Quicken Kristina
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    Hello @Rick56,

    It isn't uncommon to be prompted to reauthorize an account periodically (the exact timing is determined by the financial institution), but considering you got the prompt after less than one month, it's likely something else triggered it:

    1. Do you have your USAA accounts connected in any other Quicken files? If you do, then reauthorizing in that alternate file can sometimes revoke the authorization in your current file.
    2. If you track USAA accounts under multiple login IDs in your Quicken file, it's possible the prompt was for accounts under a different login ID.
    3. While uncommon, sometimes restoring from a backup file can result in you needing to reauthorize your accounts.
    4. Another thing that can cause it is if you have a USAA account that thinks it's connected in Quicken, but hasn't been authorized/reauthorized yet. (Note: This would cause you to see the reauthorization prompt repeatedly until the problem account is either disconnected or reauthorized).

    Are you getting any error messages/codes when you try to update your USAA account(s)? If so, then which errors are you seeing?

    If you're not seeing any errors, then the problem you're encountering is a known issue. If you're affected by the known issue, then please follow the instructions below and first save a backup.

    1. Deactivate all the accounts associated with USAA.
    2. Navigate to USAA's website, (www.USAA.com), look for third party apps, and unlink Quicken.
    3. After the accounts are unlinked, return to Quicken, and attempt to Add the USAA accounts by using the "+" button.
    4. For Windows ONLY:
      1. Click on "Tools"
      2. Select "Online Center"
      3. Make sure that "USAA" is selected in the account dropdown
      4. Hold CTRL + SHIFT + Click on Contact Info
      5. Click on "Reset DTStart"
      6. Perform a One Step Update. 

    I look forward to your response!

    Quicken Kristina

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