How To Install Quicken On Computer With No CD Drive?

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How do I install home and business disk on a computer without a cd drive?


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    @smittyrd - you don't need the CD to install Quicken. This Quicken support article should help you install the program -

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    Which version is it? If it is 2014-2017 then it is not downloadable. And if you try to install it then there is a high likelihood that you will not be successful in installing it because the config file it generates is no longer compatible with Quicken's authorization process.

    This config issue might be possible to overcome if you have access to a functional config file that has been or was working on the same or another computer but it is not a sure thing. You can read more about this in this post thread:

    If you do have that older functional config file then it would be worth trying to install the software. If you have an external CD or DVD drive or have access to another computer that has a CD or DVD drive you can copy from the installation file on the CD to a thumb drive. If you do not have access to a CD or DVD drive (either yours or someone elses) you could go to a public library and do the copy process on a computer there. Then you can install Home and Business with that thumb drive on your current computer.

    If you do not have that older function config file you might want to try the process described at this site: . It might work but it also might not work for you.

    If neither or these things work for you, then your only option would be to purchase a subscription for Business & Personal (the current Home and Business edition).

    Even if you do get it to work in setting up a functional Quicken installation, you will only be able to use it manually with no online services (such as downloading transactions, downloading of securities prices, etc.). So if you want this functionality you will need to purchase a subscription.

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    Do you have access to another computer with a CD? If so, copy the CD to a USB/Thumb drive and install from that.

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    is this a recent version - or one from years ago ?

    In any case - the quick way is from @NotACPA above - just copy entire CD to a USB flash drive, and install from there…
    or - if current subscription, just download from the Quicken website as per @QuickUserPSP

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