Unable to Reconnect to banks which utilize "Express Web Connect" (QWin)

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Since Last Saturday, I have been unable to reconnect any bank that Utilizes "Express Web Connect". There is no problem connecting to banks utilizing "Express Web Connect+" or "Direct Connection".

A number of my bank connection "broke" last week usually by CC-800 or CC-501 error. Attempting to reconnect usually generates CC-503 error (and sometime CC-929).

Spent 3 hrs with Quicken Support yesterday. If the connection does not break ,they continue to download fine. Reconnecting bank that use "Express Web Connect+" are fine. However any bank using "Express Web Connect" fails. The username and password never gets to the external bank and problem presumably is with Quicken Servers not process connect properly with "Express Web Connect" method. This was demonstrated my many tests.

This is all with Quicken Windows with Latest Version of Quicken

The following bank, which utilize "Express Web Connect" are currently NOT able to be reconnected.

Alliant Credit Union, CIT Bank N.A. New Login, CIT Bank, TIAA Bank, Merck Sharp & Dohme Federal CU, Discover Bank, Ally Bank, EmigrantDirect, All America Bank, "PayPal Credit, Mastercard and Crypto", "Elan Financial Services", Barclay's Bank Delaware,

Don't disconnect any of your Express Web Connect method account. However, if you have any account that are not connected and you would like to reconnect them—-please report you success or failure to this discussion.

You can also create a new Quicken File and then attempt to connect the bank above that use "Express Web Connect". From my experience, they won't work. However bank that use "Express Web Connect+" (Like Capital One 360, Capital One Card Services, American Express, Chase, Charles Schwab) should work fine. Please report your success or failure to this discussion.


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    Hello @RB,

    To help troubleshoot this issue, please provide more information. Are you getting error messages/error codes when you try to reconnect those financial institutions?

    Considering how many financial institutions are affected, have you tried refreshing your authentication token with Quicken by logging out of the program, then logging back in again? To do that, go to Edit>Preferences>Quicken ID and Cloud Accounts, then click the blue "Sign in as a different user" link.

    Type "yes" in the confirmation textbox, then click the Sign Out button. Once Quicken finishes logging you out, it should bring you back to a login screen. Login with your Quicken ID and password, then test to see if you can reconnect those accounts.

    I look forward to your reply!

    Quicken Kristina

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    And yes trying to establish a new Express Web Connection to institution that were disconnected because of false CC-800 errors. Yes, token was refresh wait 24 hrs in between.