Might move from QuickBooks - which Quicken - Business & Personal Version? (edit)

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QuickBooks subscription cost is getting out of control. Thinking about upgrading to Quicken Classic Business & Personal. We have a few rental properties and very view monthly transactions in the operating accounts. I'm wondering about the financial reporting. Will I be able to do a balance sheet and a P&L?


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    Depends on which platform you are looking at: Windows or Mac. Their functionality is not at all the same. What you are asking about is possible in the Windows version. For the Mac, if you do not invoice for rent or track unpaid rent, then 'yes' there too. Mac will eventually have invoicing and accounts receivable, but we don't know when.

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    The P&L in Q, is called "Income & Expense" and the Balance Sheet is called "Net Worth".

    Functionally, the terms for each type of report are interchangeable.

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    Even without the Business & Personal version, it's quite possible you could use Quicken Deluxe (Mac or Windows) to track and report on your rental properties. Even without built-in invoicing, you can enter monthly rental income, expenses for the properties, and report on the business income and expenses independent of your personal income and expenses. You could use Tags to track income and expenses related to specific rental properties if you need that detail in your reporting.

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    also…. all Quicken data is stored in external QDF files - just like MS Word & DOC files - you can have as many QDF files as you want.
    so - you can create one QDF for Personal and one QDF for business…. but makes it harder for any "transfers" between them -

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