Investment Purchase Not Updating Cash Balance


I'm trying to setup a new investment account by importing from Wealthfront. When I import I have the cash transactions and a placeholder for the Wealthfront Cash Equivalent investment. I went to the placeholder and entered a Buy transaction for the total of the placeholder amount. Once the placeholder was resolved the cash balance still remains so the total account value is double what it should be. The Bought transaction shows a Cash Amount of N/A. If I click on the N/A link it says the Cash Amount should only be N/A for a BoughtX or Placeholder transaction. This transaction is neither. If I edit the Bought transaction the radio is selected for "From this account's cash balance" yet it's not subtracting.


  • NotACPA
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    It's that placeholder that's causing the cash to not update.

    Resolve the placeholder, and the issue should resolve.

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    Even a resolved Placeholder, i.e. One for zero shares, will prevent the cash balance from changing when you enter a Bought or Sold transaction. You must actually delete the Placeholder first.

    If you have already entered the Bought or Sold transaction, then after deleting the Placeholder you can delete the Cash Balance Adjustment just before the Bought or Sold.

    This behavior is apparently by design, but I have never seen an explanation of why it works that way.

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