Retirement Preparation Report: Recurring Charges

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Provide at minimum a report that shows the monthly / annual recurring costs so you know the amount that you have to cover to meet the basic living standards you are used to. Tag subscriptions to show the amounts where you are already committed unless you cancel the subscription.

This enhancement would be improved if you could also see a visual on the dashboard.

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    In this report, how would you deal with, for example, credit card payments from your checking account … where the payment is monthly but the amounts can vary widely?

    OR, recurring charges in that card account?

    OR, medical payments which are monthly but, again, can vary widely?

    So far, I just can't see how such report would be feasible without a TREMENDOUS amount of customization by the user. So much customization that a "canned" report seems impractical.

    Lastly, why can't you simply accomplish an approximation of this via Budgeting of Recurring vs Non-Recurring expenses?

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    I can't see how Quicken is supposed to know what are subscriptions and what isn't if the user doesn't already categorize them that way.

    And Quicken already has a "Living Expenses" Estimator in the Lifetime Planner (which surprise!, used to be called the Retirement Planner).

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