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I have multiple checking and savings accounts at one bank and a checking at another. I also have amex and chase credit cards both business and personal (four total accounts between my wife and I). Every time i login to Quicken it takes me over thirty minutes to reconcile the numbers being off. It happens with any transfers or payments. I can pay a credit card from one account but the payment will show up in a different account. I can transfer between checking and savings accounts and then accounts transfers will show up in differenet accounts. No matter what i try Quicken keeps confusing the accounts. It is extremely, extremely frustrating. At this point i might as well just keep track of things on a spreadsheet if i am going to have to do everything manually anyway. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    What have you done, so far, to deal with this? Because it sounds like you have a corrupted Q data file.

    Have you talked to Q Support, who you can reach via the link at the top of this page?

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    Please clarify: Is the issue that transactions are downloading from the financial institutions into the wrong accounts? Or is this an issue where the transactions are downloading into the correct accounts but the categories are sometimes transfers to the wrong accounts?

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