Phishing Attempt faking from Intuit

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Received an email from "", supposedly from Intuit that my Quickbooks subscription had expired with an 805 number to call or click to go to my account and provide an updated credit card. I don't have Quickbooks, so right away something smelled "phishy" but I DO have a Quicken Deluxe Subscription for Mac; so I called intuit via another number & they suggested I also put it on the "community" page, and here it is! Beware!



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    Could be related to Turbo Tax too?

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    Quicken is not owned by Intuit. (It was originally, but hasn't been for many years now.) So a scam based on Quickbooks has no connection to Quicken. So if someone from Intuit suggested posting on a community forum, they probably meant the Quickbooks forum. (Most scams have no relation to what software you actually own anyway.)

    But thanks for trying to pass on the words of warning about a scam; they're so prevalent these days.

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    I also got several "phishy" requests supposedly from Intuit—saying I needed to give Intuit permission to connect to my Citibank account. I got this on my Quicken, not Quickbooks, program, and it popped up several different occasions. I had opened a "Mint" account with Intuit a few years go and have since closed it so I was suspicious of Intuit wanting access to any of my bank info. Glad I didn't bite!