Convert QWin Premiere to QMac & Cloud for creating Reports on Mac (edit)

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How do I convert a data file from WIN to Mac 7.7.1 and Cloud WITHOUT having Automatic Downloads turned on. I just want to be able to do REPORTS when spouse on her Win machine. WIN is the Machine of Record. I don't want to port data back to WIN from either Mac or CLOUD.

Last time I tried it (2020?) all my balances were off as CLOUD only converted 5 years of data, and sync's got out way of whack, everywhere


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    There's a bit to unpack here…

    Quicken is just not designed to be used cross-platform in the way you describe. You can convert your Windows data file to a Mac data file; it generally works pretty well for most people but there is often some cleanup involved to get account balances and holdings precise. But if you were just doing it to be able to create a report on Quicken Mac, you might find that viable to do from time to time.

    But bringing Quicken Cloud into it changes the equation. Assuming you have a single Quicken membership and single Quicken ID, then it is not designed to allow you to have the same file synced to Quicken Cloud from both Mac and Windows. There might be a way around that, but my question is why you want the converted Quicken Mac data file to sync with Quicken Cloud at all? If you have your Quicken Windows data file syncing with Quicken Cloud, then both of you should be able to access that data via the mobile app and/or the web interface. If you then need more reporting tools and still want to bring the data into Quicken Mac, I would insure that in Quicken Mac, Sync (in Settings > Mobile Web & Alerts) is set to Off, and then reset your Cloud file (Settings > Connected Services) to insure that no data ifrom the Quicken Mac file is stored in Quicken Cloud. Assuming your data converts cleanly from Windows to Mac, you can then create whatever reports you want in Quicken Mac, without any connection to Quicken Cloud. (But if you're going to repeatedly convert the Quicken Windows data file to a new Quicken Mac data file, just be aware that you'll have to create whatever reports you need in each new Quicken Mac data file.)

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    Or you might want to consider buying and installing on your Mac a VM software, such as Parallels. Then you can download and install the QWin software onto your Mac and run it there. There is no file conversion that you would need to be concerned about.

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