Unable to download transactions from 2nd account from the same bank. (edit)


I have two accounts at Department of the Interior FCU with different account names and passwords. I can download transactions only from one of the accounts. For the affected account, I have tried the Deactivate and Reset Account options. When I reset the account, Quicken was able to see all of my CD's and checking and savings accounts but still does not download any transactions. I even tried creating a new Quicken file. I was able to create one account but then when I tried to create the other account, Quicken displayed that it could not find an accounts.


  • Quicken Jasmine
    Quicken Jasmine Moderator mod

    Hello @agnolet,

    When did this issue begin to occur? After a recent update? What is your connection method with the Department of the Interior Federal Credit Union? You can see the connection method by navigating to Tools > Account List. Are you receiving any error codes or messages? What exactly occurs when attempting to download transactions from the affected account?

    Let me know!

    -Quicken Jasmine

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