Website says 40% off for new customers, but only 25% off on check out

lamuta2 Member

The website says 40% off for new customers. I can't click on the promo. When I try to make a purchase, the cart only shows 25% off. This is applies to any plan. What is going on?


  • splasher
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    You will needd to contact Quicken Support for help with this:

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  • Ps56k2
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    where are you seeing these 40% and 25% offers ?

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  • jacobs
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    where are you seeing these 40% and 25% offers ?

    I think everyone sees different things depending on any cookies Quicken has dropped in your browser, and on checkout, depending on whether you are creating a new Quicken ID or are using one which has been used for a subscription. Sometimes just reloading the page can show you different results.

    @lamuta2 I'll add that sometimes there are retailers who have prices equal to or better than Quicken's best direct prices. Currently has Quicken for more than 40% off: Quicken Deluxe is showing as $36 plus a $4 off promo code (with free shipping), for a price of $32. That's a better deal than 40% off Quicken's standard price of $71.88 less 40% = $43.13!

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