Cost Basis for one of my accounts went wonky (edit)

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All of a sudden, on a particular day, the cost basis for one of my accounts went wonky - showing about 10% high. I've looked at all the transactions from that particular day, even 're-posted' them by essentially re-entering. No change. Any idea what might have caused this to happen all of a sudden? It happened on a day that I sold a bunch of stocks.


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    What transactions happened on that particular day?

    And, Cost Basis is on a security by security basis … only tangentially "account by account", so have you examined what securities changed basis on that date?

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    Some more detail would be helpful. Are you referring to the Total of the Cost Basis column in the Account? If you sold securities on that day at a profit then that Total number would go up to, and deleting that day's transactions and reentering them wouldn't change that.

    Are you referring to the cost basis of a particular security or some or all of the securities in the Account? If you look at the Holdings view one day earlier than that "particular day" are the cost bases still too high? That would suggest some prior period transaction(s) got affected, somehow.

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    as mentioned - Cost Basis is the total of the costs from the held securities -

    Take a look at the account Register —- Gear/Settings — Reconcile SHARES -
    do they match the online ?

    Next - go thru each Security - bring up the Security Detail - does the Transaction History look ok or Wonky ?

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