How to create a Budget Performance Report


Hi, I've defected from Quickbooks recently and I'm trying to create a report that shows the current month with YTD budget data alongside (see attached).

Can't see how to create this. Is it possible?



  • NotACPA
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    How about REPORTS, Spending, Current Budget. Not exactly the same as your example … but pretty close.

    If not close enough for you, your other option would be to export this report to a spreadsheet, and manipulate there.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    The closest report in Quicken is the report at Reports > Spending > Current Budget with the date range set to YTD.

    This shows Budget vs Actual by month, along with the YTD budget and actuals.

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  • glaurian
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    All, appreciate your assistance.

    I am very surprised that even though Quicken is not an accounting system, that the powers that be wouldn't have developed a more comprehensive/custom reporting system. With all the data that is collected, it's a shame that users are not able to extract more value from the data in the way of custom report formatting.

    I do get that the data can be exported to Excel, but this is time consuming. Usually, one only needs to extract a few tidbits from various reports, but those tidbits are valuable in the way that they assist in growing net worth. Which is what tracking this data is all about.