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A long time ago I created my own backup file using the Backup ICON on the main menu.

I now want to change the name Here's what I did, step-by-step:

Click on 'Backup or Copy File' from main menu

Left the default 'create a complete backup' radio button selected and clicked 'Next'

The resulting text box shows my original backup file name. I clicked 'Change'

It opens the folder with my original backup file.

I type in a new file name in the box and click 'Save'.

It returns me to the 'Backup your file now' window showing my new name. It shows my new name in 'Backup File Name'. I click Save backup

It saves the file and presents me with the successful backup window. I click OK.

I thought everything was fine. Until I went to back it up again.

When I got to the 'Backup Your File Now' window the original backup file name was still showing. I clicked Change and it presented the folder with both the original and new backup files. I selected the new one and clicked Save. This time I got a message that it already existed and did I want to replace it (so it does see it). I clicked Yes followed by 'Save Backup'.

Once again, the success message appeared.

So, I tried it again, clicking on the Backup ICON on the main menu. But it still insists on showing me the original backup file name.

How do I get it to forget the old name and remember the new one?

So, I went to Edit/Preferences/Backup. I left the Automatic local backups alone. If I click on Open, it takes me to '…\Documents\Quicken\BACKUP'. The only option under 'Manual backup reminder' is the number of times to run before asking for a backup. No option to change the directory.

While I'm on the subject, when I did open the automatic backup directory, I found a ton of files there. But the Quicken option says 'Maximum number of backup copies' 5. Is it safe to delete all of those files with older dates that end with '-backup'? I do notice some slight variation in file names. They all start with my data file. Some of them have what appears to be a release number following (e.g. R-54-16). Then follows the date and '.QDF-backup'. For those without the release number, following the date there appears to be a time (e.g. PM05.21). Here's a couple of examples of the full file name:

0 QDATA-R-54.16-2024-04-04.QDF-backup

0 QDATA-2024-05-11.PM05.21.QDF-backup

0 QDATA-2023-12-17.AM01.28.QDF-backup



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    That "change button" only works on the current instance of backup … not permanently, it's intended to allow you to change the LOCATION of the backup and changing the name is inadvertent. The backup file is expected to be the name of the base file with the extension indicating that it's a backup.

    The number of backups refers to the number of identically named backups. Since you're appending the date and/or time, they aren't identically named.

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    Ok. But I'm still confused about the second part.

    Each time I download an update, it, rightfully, performs a backup. This backup is placed in …\Documents\Quicken\Backup (NOT where I place my manual backup). I don't recall being given the option to append a date/time to the file name. I just see the message stating the backup was performed. Now, if I perform a manual, complete backup, I am given that opportunity to append the date/time, which I decline.

    Also, I don't see the answer to my question. I presume I can delete all of the files in …\Documents that end with -backup (except for the 5 most recent). And that I'll have to manage this on my own going forward.


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    I have the same problem. Always saves the original file from back in 2022. If you get the file name to change, let me know how.

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    The backup name is derived from the name of your QDF file.

    The name of my QDF file is "Current".

    So, here is what I see:

    You can change the location like @NotACPA said, and you can change the backup name by typing in a new one, but the default is always going to be taken from the name of your QDF file.

    EDIT: Note to change the name of your QDF file.

    File → Find this file on my computer.

    Close Quicken.

    Use the Windows File Explorer window to rename the QDF file. Double click on the new name after you have renamed it to open it in Quicken and let Quicken know what the new file name is.

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