Lending Club: REPEATEDLY


Experiencing the same error I've seen many reporting (and have reported myself). At some point the matter was marked as resolved, but definitely was not resolved. Has anybody been able to successfully sync their Lending Club accounts in the last 4 months?

I continue getting the same error, despite always receiving a verification code to validate my account. I have talked to customer service. I have completed "report a problem" option numerous times. Would love to see Quicken working properly, especially since it once did.


  • Quicken Jasmine
    Quicken Jasmine Moderator mod

    Hello @ElanaElyce,

    If you are still experiencing an issue after the alert has been marked resolved, it is recommended to reach out to Quicken Support directly for further assistance as an escalation may be in order. The Quicken Support phone number can be found through this link here. Phone support is available from 5:00 am PT to 5:00 pm PT, Monday through Friday.

    Would you mind sharing how you originally reported this issue?


    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • ElanaElyce
    ElanaElyce Member ✭✭

    Hello Jasmine,

    I have reported it via chat support and phone support.