Securities no longer owned showing in Portfolio Report


Recently, covered call transactions from almost 20 years ago began showing up in the Portfolio Report. These securities are hidden and there are zero net shares held. The original transactions were entered as short sales and then closed out as covered sales. Also, covered options are showing as two separate securities in the report. For example a covered call labeled SCO APPL060422 shows as two separate securities on the portfolio report. Again, this problem only surfaced in the last three months or so.


  • Jim_Harman
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    That is a known and still unresolved bug. See this discussion, which for some reason has been closed. I have not seen any acknowledgement of this problem by Quicken.

    Forum Moderators sometimes review issues discussed here and refer them to Development, but if you want Quicken to work on a problem, I recommend you contact Support via phone.  Be sure the support agent understands the problem and gives you a ticket number for future reference.

    You should also use the Help > Report a Problem menu in Quicken to submit the issue online. In your submission, be as clear and thorough as possible. Reference the ticket number and provide a link to this discussion. Provide step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. You will not get a response to an electronic submission, but they say they review and prioritize the submissions. 

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