Receive a notice 50% off - But go to the page and it says 17% ? ? (edit)



I haven't updated my quicken membership, I get a notice of 50% off. Classic Deluxe I go to the page and all it says is 17%? Thanks Brue


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    just curious - what kind of Notice ? - screen grab ??
    and what page do you then go to ? - the URL ??

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    And, can you provide us with a copy of that notice?

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    @Bruce Leavitt - Also, look closely at that notice for 50% off to see if it says anywhere (even in the fine print) that it is for new subscribers only. If it says that, then you will not be able to get that discount because you are not a new subscriber.

    If it does not say it is for new subscribers only, is there a discount code listed that needs to be entered into your resubscription offer and did you enter that?

    If it is not for new subscribers only and if there is no discount code, you should contact Quicken Support and explain the issue to them. They are the only ones who can assist you in getting that discount. This is a forum made up mostly of other users just like you and none of us here can do anything to resolve this issue for you. Click on the following link to get the contact information for Quicken Support: .

    If that discount is for new subscribers only, check out some of the retail businesses to see what their pricing is for subscriptions that are open to all users, not just new users. Often times they will have better prices than has. For instance, is currently selling Quicken Classic Deluxe for $31.99 (after using the additional $4 off discount code) that is not for new users only.

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