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When will a full version of Quicken on the Web be available?


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    Look at Quicken's Simplifi product. If they ever make something that is even close to Quicken Classic (desktop), it will be that product.

    When? Your guess is as good as anyone's.

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    Quicken doesn't ever say much about future plans, but I don't expect there to ever be a full version of the desktop program (Quicken Classic) available as a web based app. Quicken on the Web is intended only as a companion for the desktop app. Quicken has a web/mobile-only product called Simplifi. This may be what you're looking for. https://www.quicken.com/products/simplifi/

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    It would be helpful what you mean by "full version".

    It is one thing to want expanded/enhanced capabilities to show more of the information in our computer-based Quicken Classic installations in QWeb. The Quicken Team might or might not be planning for some of that to happen but they will not tell us until they are ready to release that enhancement.

    It is quite another thing if you want make Quicken Classic a web-based platform. Again, the Quicken Team will not tell us if or when they are planning to do that but from what I know it is highly unlikely that this will ever be done.

    Instead, Quicken Inc has invested heavily in creating a web-based financial planning platform called Simplifi. Simplifi's capabilities and features are not as comprehensive as what Quicken Classic has but frequently there are features and capabilities being added to it. If what you want is a fully web-based platform then you might want to explore this option. But do note that at this time there is no means for transferring and converting Quicken Classic data into Simplifi.

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