Publish which retail stock, etf, etc. trading platforms fully integrate with Quicken

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I'm hunting for a retail platform that allows fractional share purchases AND integrates with Quicken Classic. So far I've come up with only lame solutions (like download a monthly statement then import it) or no integration at all. Instead of my trying to look for the needle (i.e. the platform that supports Quicken downloads/transaction integration) in the haystack (the universe of new era fintech apps and platforms), it would be great if Quicken just published a list of the trading platforms with which it is fully integrated.

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    By "fully integrate" do you mean Direct Connect or something else? By "trading platforms" do you mean brokerages, or Exchanges (such as NYSE or NASDAQ)? And Q doesn't connect to any exchanges, The brokerages do that.

    You need to clarify your question.

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    don't understand what you are asking -

    Quicken is a business - and financial institutions make their own decisions to contract with Quicken for downloading support… or not..
    If some of the latest Fintech companies don't offer Quicken support - ask them why… it's not a Quicken question -

    Most brokerages contract and support Quicken downloading - but not sure if all are offering fractional shares as investments…
    Also - you usually don't connect with and buy/sell with a "retail stock, ETF, etc" -
    you usually have to go thru a brokerage., so it will be up to that brokerage to contract and support Quicken downloading…

    Which brokerages have you checked - and found not to be meeting your goals ?