Quicken 2017 blank screen issue


I have the same issue as addressed in

The cause is that Quicken disables the ability to do any Quicken activity (the Blank Screen) until you purchase the newest version of Quicken or get the newest subscription to Quicken services. These are the steps taken to determine this:
[1] I did a clean update to Win10 and reinstalled Q2017.
[2] I opened Q2017 and saw a blank screen.
[3] I opened an existing .qdf file (File -> Open Quicken File) and the blank screen continued.
[4] I exited and reopened Q2017 and saw the standard interface flash before a blank screen appeared.
[5] I looked at C:\Windows\QUICKEN.INI.
[6] I looked at C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Quicken.
[7] I looked at C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\Quicken.
[8] I opened Q2017 and created a new .qdf file (File -> New Quicken File).
a. A popup appeared:
"Your Quicken Connected Services have expired.
Connected Services for Quicken 2017 expired on April 30, 2020.
You will no longer be able to ...
Upgrade to a new Quicken Membership to restore your Connected Services ..."

Of and by itself the quoted statement does not preclude further use of Q2017. My guess is that Intuit decided to disable all service use when an install was done. There is no way to key in your Q2017 username or password to authenticate your credentials. There is no way given to ensure that this, for example, is not a pirated copy. Intuit just turns off the interface, effectively disabling all further use, and requires that you purchase a later Quicken product or a subscription.

The upshot is that there is nothing that can be done. The only solution is for Intuit to allow continued use.


  • Arthur Schwarez
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    I just tried the suggestions in:


    And the suggestion correction did not work for me, although the Q2017 header did appear for a longer time it eventually turned into a blank screen.

  • Arthur Schwarez
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    Uninstalled Quicken, deleted quicken directory (C:\Program Files (86)/Quicken), and all AppData (C:\users|<username>\AppData) files. Removed internet and installed Quicken. Quicken will not complete the installation without an internet connection. Uninstalled Quicken and etc., connected the internet and started Quicken. Quicken shows a blank screen.

    The issue seems to be that Intuit just doesn't want a user to install an old version of Quicken. The workaround is to purchase a new version. Intuit is saying that you do not own the product, they do, and Intuit can place post-purchase restrictions on product use.

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    Intuit doesn't own Quicken anymore. They sold it years ago. So you can't log in with an Intuit password. There are many posts how to get older programs installed and open your data file. Sorry, I don't know them. I'm staying on Q2013.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • Ps56k2
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    "Your Quicken Connected Services have expired.
    Connected Services for Quicken 2017 expired on April 30, 2020.

    As mentioned - Intuit SOLD the Quicken product during that timeframe -
    SO -
    you are attempting to contact an Intuit Server that no longer exists -
    with an Intuit User ID that no longer exists -

    That pretty much sums up the situation for Quicken 2017 users -

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    It appears that sometime within the last couple of years Quicken implemented a change in how our online Quicken.com accounts register/authorize new installations of software on our computers. The change that was made is not compatible with non-subscription QWin products (QWin 2014-2017). Since Support for QWin 2017 ended in 2020, Quicken was under no obligation to take QWin 2014-2017 softwares into account when making this change. And since about 2 yrs have passed and this issue still exists it's a pretty safe bet that Quicken is not going to be expending any engineering resources to address it.

    There are two methods that some have said were successful for them in getting a new installation of QWin 2017 to work, again.

    1. One is to find, copy and paste the last Quicken.ini file from your previous computer over the new Quicken.ini file that your new QWin 2017 installation created in your current computer. If you cannot access or find that file on your old computer, if you have a system backup file of that old computer you could see if that Quicken.ini file is in there and then copy and past that file over the new installation Quicken.ini file. If you do not have that old Quicken.ini file then this copy/paste process is not an option for you.
    2. The other one is to go to https://www.quicknperlwiz.com/blanklogin2014-2017.html and see if that option works for you.

    Neither of these options works for everyone. Some have said one or the other works but many have said neither works.

    If neither works for you, then your only option to access your data file, again, is to purchase a Subscription of Quicken Classic. You can often save some money on the Subscription cost by doing an online search of retailers who have sales (all you need from them is the activation code). Sometimes Quicken.com will also have a sales for new subscribers, too.

    If after the 1st year of the Subscription, if you choose not to renew, you can let it expire. Then it can still be used manually (no online services)…except for Starter edition which will become read-only. You should note, however, that your Quicken screen will have banners taking up about 20%-25% of the view reminding you to renew. Those banners can only be removed by resubscribing.

    Quicken Classic Premier (US) Subscription: R55.26 on Windows 11