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This problem started early this year with being the Banks problem. That lasted a month and a half before they corrected it. Since that time in the beginning of May it has turned into a Quicken problem. The last update on this issue came on May 15. Soon it will be a 1/4 of the year that I am unable to do payments from my program. I've never had so many problems with Quicken in the past. Now I see they are raising the price for this program later this year. I just don't understand how they cannot identify the problem and fix it within a months time? Are they really working on it? I am seriously thinking about cancelling my subscription when it comes due.


  • Tom Young
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    What is the name of the bank, and what downloading method are you using with this bank?

    Not all banks allow for the process of making payments directly through Quicken, and even if they do the downloading method being used is vital to making it work properly.

  • Ps56k2
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    what bank - and if you look at the top of the Register - what "protocol" is listed ?
    You can also look at the Account List -

    Bill payments have to go thru a bank with the Direct Connect protocol - which is a 2-way protocol…
    unlike EWC+ which is only download.

    These are only examples of how the Quicken Account List is displayed - and not implied that Fidelity can be used for Billpay

    here - for example is - PNC - with Direct Connect AND the Payment feature

    04501 04501 04501 PNC Bank - Direct Connect 800-762-2035 ACTIVE

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    And, extending @Ps56k2's reply, Fidelity Investments doesn't support BillPay via Q. He used them as an example of DC only.

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  • Ray A
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    For all of you who asked which bank I use. I use PNC and direct connect worked for as long a I've owned the Quicken software.

    Quicken has already said they are having problems and are working on it but that was in the beginning of May. Like I said, their last update saying they were still working on it was May 15. As you can see it is closing in on a month and a half since they found the problem.

  • Ps56k2
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    are you using the entry - from above ?

    PNC Bank - Direct Connect