Which quicken to buy to see Brokerage Statements. I donot have Windows or Mac at this point.


Which quicken to buy to see Brokerage Statements.

I do not have Windows or Mac at this point.

Can I use Mobile version?





  • Jon
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    For investment accounts you're going to want at least Deluxe. The Mobile app will show you the value of your investment accounts but won't show you activity within them, you'll have to go to the desktop app to see that.

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    Neither QWin, nor QMac, download statements of any sort. BOTH, at appropriate product levels, download transactions that appear ON those statements from Financial Institutions that have chosen to support Quicken.

    Whether YOUR FI's download into Q depends upon the FI … not Q

    QMobile is an add-on product, not a standalone. And it requires the support of the FIs also.

    While a great many FIs support Q, not all do.

    Q has a 30-day (strictly enforced) money back guarantee. So, I'd suggest that you buy the product you prefer and give it a try. You can learn more about the various Q products, and the features of each, by clicking SUPPORT at the top of this page.

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  • jacobs
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    Let me add a note that you don't "see brokerage statements" in Quicken. If you connect Quicken (Mac or Windows) to download from your brokerage(s), the transactions will download into Quicken, where you can see them in list form in a Transactions window, or see your current account holdings and balances in a Portfolio window. So you can verify that your holdings in Quicken match your brokerage statement — but you have to log into your brokerage if you want to see the brokerage's statements.

    Another note: Quicken Mac Classic and Quicken Windows Classic are both desktop-based programs, in that there's a program your download and install on the computer, and your data file lives on the computer. It is not mobile or cloud/based. Quicken does have a free companion mobile app, which allows you to see some (but not all of) your data, and enter/edit transactions if you wish. But detailed reporting is only in the desktop programs.

    Quicken also has a completely separate product called Quicken Simplifi which stores your data completely in the cloud, and requires only a web browser to log in and interact with it. There is also an optional mobile app. Simplifi gets your security holdings and prices daily, but does not maintain a list of transactions in your accounts. So you can compare the month-end holdings you your brokerage statement, but you can't see actual transactions (purchases, sales, dividends paid or reinvested, etc.) in Simplifi to compare to your brokerage statement.

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