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So I'm on Windows and looking to come back to Quicken Premier after a LOOONG time away. (I also used to use Microsoft Money, so…)


  1. Can I delete the budget that Quicken wants to create for me based on transactions and just create my own budget?
  2. Can you split transactions to the nth degree? If I go to a big box store and buy groceries, tools, clothes and toys I want to be able to split the total between the categories for those 4 things and then also the sales tax and have that reflected in the budget.
  3. Can you schedule your upcoming bills even years in advance? (For things like annual subscriptions, dues, etc.)
  4. What does it even look like? I can't find screen shots anywhere. (Especially the account registers and budget screen.)
  5. Do they really honor the 30-day money back guarantee? I'll know pretty quickly if I'm not happy with it and want to get my money back.

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    1. Yes
    2. There's a limit of about 30 lines in a split. But NOTE that credit card txn should be recorded in a card account and then the Pmt recorded in your bank account as a transfer. Some, erroneously, try to record the multiple card splits as part of the payment txn.
    3. YES, you can schedule a transaction to repeat annually with no ending date (until you turn it off)
    4. For your banking accounts, and most others except investments, the account registers look like your paper checkbook register. Investment accounts are a bit different (and act differently). But see answer to #5.
    5. YES. But that's a strict 30 days … not 31. So you can try it and see if you like it.

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    For Quicken Windows this video isn't too bad for a quick overview:

    This guy has some useful videos on Quicken from my quick look at them.


    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/