For Splits, add shortcut keys, hide preview, & make split transaction window size adjustable [Edit]

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Three requests:

  1. Add shortcut keys to the "Split", "New Category", and "Show Full List" buttons, in the Category dropdown in the registers, so that there will be shortcut key combinations for them. (We used to do this in VBA with an ampersand. Something like: "&Split" to create the shortcut, which would also make the letter S in Split have an underscore. (Can't add an underscore in this window.))
  2. Provide a way to hide the preview that is displayed when hovering the mouse over the Category field, for entries that have split transactions, in registries. The pop-up preview often blocks the buttons for the Category control.
  3. Make the Split Transaction window sizeable.

Thanks for your consideration!!

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  • mshiggins
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    1.)  There are already shortcut keys for 2 of the 3 buttons: CTRL+s opens the split dialog and CTRL+SHIFT+c opens the Category List. As for the New Category button, I don't see the benefit of a shortcut for that. At some point the user must use they keyboard to key the name of the new category: just key the new name in the category field and when Quicken doesn't find it in the existing Category List, Quicken will ask if it is a new Category.

    2.) It seems to me that preview doesn't need hiding, just repositioning so it doesn't cover any of the current transaction.

    3.) I thought there was already an IDEA discussion for this but I can't find it now.  Something makes me think that Quicken's approach to this might be to just enlarge the split dialog, without providing any sizing option. I would welcome either approach.

    I think you'd be better off with 1 IDEA discussion for each of your requests; some users may like some of the ideas but not others. As it stands now, users must vote for all or none.


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  • UserDavidC
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    I agree with the last sentence in @mshiggins post above.

    Ideas submitted by anyone should have only one "idea" per post even if they are related.

    As nshiggins mentioned, it is likely that individual ideas would have different impacts or problems for some people and grouping multiple ideas together just clouds the issues.

    Also note that you may not get as many votes because someone doesn't like one of the multiple ideas expressed.

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