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For like forever, there has been a bug in the OSU summary when not all requested prices were updated. XX of YY Quotes downloaded - See a Report.


Today, for the first time ever, the See a report pointed to the correct security that did not get its quotes updated.

Thanks for getting this fixed.


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    Thanks for the confirmation, @q_lurker

    For the record, what version of Quicken are you running?

    In my testing with R57.16, the count of securities that it tried to find quotes for still does not include those that have the Download quotes box checked but have blank ticker symbols. I can understand that it should not attempt to find quotes for those securities, but I think the report should say how many were skipped because of blank tickers.

    Also note that in a somewhat related problem, if the Real Time Quotes option is selected, any securities that have blank tickers and the Download Quotes box checked are still getting erroneous quotes downloaded. The incorrect quote is the price for the first ticker alphabetically in your Security List, often AAPL.

    It would also be nice if Quicken included references to fixes for longstanding problems like this in the Release Notes.

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    Running 56.9 at this point.

    I had not cross-checked the numbers for the quote summary. Just glad they got the report pointing to the right missed security.

    In my case, the skipped security had a ticker, but not a valid ticker

    I agree improving and clarifying what they are counting would be helpful. Also agree that the release notes should be more comprehensive about these types of fixes, if only so that we can check that the fix was a real complete or partial fix.