Why are there no gains posted for my traditional IRA accounts in the Retirement Planner?

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I've been using the retirement planner for years but recently separated my investment accounts into three categories: taxable, roth IRA, and traditional IRA. The taxable and Roth are both showing gains in the retirement calculator but the traditional IRA is not.

All three accounts have 5% rate of return (both pre and post retirement). Why aren't I seeing any gains in the Plan summaries for each year of the retirement planner for the traditional IRA?



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    Your Planner shows gains breakouts separately for Roth IRA and Traditional IRA? I see only two gains buckets: One for Taxable accounts and one for Tax Deferred accounts with Tax Deferred combining the gains for both Roth IRA and Traditional IRA gains. I do not see any breakout for Tax Exempt (which is what Roth IRA really is).

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    Just to be clear, we are discussing Quicken's Lifetime Planner, right?

    One reason you might not be seeing any gains is that the Lifetime Planner has an inflation assumption and maybe that is canceling out the assumed after tax returns of your traditional IRA.

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