T-Bills Not UPdating in Quicken Windows


I have read others have the same issue that rolling over T-Bills is not handled properly by Quicken. One of the responses was "if your broker", in his case Schwab and mine too, didn't do it correctly you can do it manually. How about Quicken fixing their program and update so you can not waste time manually what Quicken should be able to do.


  • NotACPA
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    In spite of your request, you REALLY don't want Q mucking around with what a brokerage downloads. The odds of Q getting it right are microscopic.

    Why don't you go bug Chuck to get it right???

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  • Tom Young
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    If you look at your account history at Schwab that shows how they present the maturity to you you'll see that the presentation doesn't really comport with the actual accounting for the maturity:

    The bond goes away and the face amount shows up as cash. There's no split up of the cash between principal redemption and interest earned.

    Now we all know that Schwab has that information somewhere deep in the bowels of their computer system but absolutely no one here really knows how Intuit (the "aggregator") actually gets the information that they send along to you. Well, at least I don't. Is Schwab "sending" the information to Intuit, in the sense of "here's what we're going to allow you to have", or is Intuit actually rummaging around in the bowels of Schwab's computer system to smoke out information that Schwab doesn't even present to its own customers?

    My guess would be that the problem is on the Schwab side of the house, not on the Intuit/Quicken side. You could call Schwab and ask to speak to one of their IT guys (or gals) and figure out where the problem resides.