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Quicken Mobile 5.12.0 Released

Earlier this week, we launched a new update, 5.12.0 of the Quicken Mobile app.  To get the latest update:

iOS Users: Update the app when prompted, or get the update from the app store.
Android Users: Update the Quicken App when prompted, or get the update from the Play Store.

Included in this update:
  • Limited the number of “Yelp” payees displayed.
  • Fixed the search feature on accounts screen to return only transactions within that account
  • Pulling down the screen anywhere in the application will now fetch latest transactions from the bank.
  • Few UI fixes and improvements
  • Fixed a few bugs and crashes
If you find issues in this release or have questions, please submit feedback through the product, or get in touch with the Mobile Team anytime at [email protected].

Thank you!


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