"The following files are in use." bugsplatrc.dll

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Trying to update from R21.16 B27.1.21.16 to R21.17. and receive "File in use..." dialog box stating, "The following files are in use. These files must be closed before the update can continue. C:\Program File (x86)\Quicken\BugSplatRc.dll" with the only option being a "Cancel Update" button. Selected this button and Quicken crashes.

Win 8.1
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Thanks for any help in advance

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    Try searching for bugsplatrc in the Search box at the top of this forum's Home page.
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    edited September 2019

    Thanks for the reply.

    I did search per your suggestion prior to posing this question and I found no reference to my problem, "The following files are in use." However, there are plenty of references to bugsplatrc "Not Found". As I read through the 2 pages of questions, all of the "Not Found" I didn't feel any address my problem. Did I overlook one?

    Thanks again
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    Thanks markus1957. I'll try this tonight...
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    I finally got around to uninstalling, running the qcleanui stated above and reinstalling. First think I noticed was I'm running 2019 and the instructions above is was 2017. Does that make a difference? After reinstalling Quicken it starts but crashes immediately. I found the logs files but don't se anything that sticks out. Thanks for any help in advance.
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