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An update from our CEO, Eric Dunn



  • Two things - The calendar needs improvement. I receive deposits on the second and third Wednesdays of each month. Now I have to go in manually and edit the dates of these deposits.

    Also, Quicken used to remember payees and would intuit categories they go in. Example: If I type in 'XX Restaurant,' it would put the category as 'dining'. Or it would look at last time I used payee and know which category I used.
  • Ivan SocherIvan Socher Member ✭✭
    Mr. Dunn,

    I've been using Quicken since 1991. For many years I've used Express Web Connect to download and match entered credit card transactions from Citibank. For years this worked.

    In late August Express Web Connect stopped downloading transactions. Since then I've spent endless hours trying to get Quicken to fix this problem. {"Ticket ID":"7010342"} has been escalated without success.

    Emails to your office got me in touch with Tamara who has tried, without success, to help.

    Quicken's inability to restore an online function that worked for years, reflects very poorly on your company.

    I won't be renewing my annual membership until and unless Quicken restores Express Web Connect to working order.

    Ivan Socher
  • Civico6HomeCivico6Home Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    It would be great if, together with all improvements scheduled for next year, you can add/extend support for foreign currencies. Currently, I cannot use mobile app or Quicken web (Europe/Euro as currency).

    Thank you.
  • Mike_jMGSMike_jMGS Member ✭✭
    Mac Quicken 2007 user. Once you bring the Mac version up to the standard and features of QMAC 2007, I would be happy to upgrade. Been waiting for a few years after purchasing QMac 2017 and never could use it. Until then my $$'s are waiting on the sidelines.
  • jdQjdQ Member
    Thank you for the update Eric. Quicken is really the only option for this type of work, the market is cornered! (I copied this from @batw2012, thank you).

    **Relative to the future of Quicken**, I have been using Quicken on Windows computers since 1994. I have no interest in using it on a smart-phone. I will not use Quicken if Quicken abandons the Windows personal-computer platform (either laptop or desktop) where the data-files are saved on "my" computer.

    **I would like to make a suggestion to the Help/Support webpages**.
    There should be a "Potential Defect Report" page that would allow users to report a defect providing information such as:
    1,2,3,4) Date, Quicken Version, Current Device, Operating System
    5...) Steps to recreate, which screen, data entered, action taken
    6...) Observation of "what may be wrong", which screen

    I also would like to mention that the Quicken Web-Connect (downloading process) is **having trouble with dual-entry logins** to banks and brokerages that ask a second question following TEXT-message that is sent with a CODE to enter by the user. During the UPDATE'ing process, this often causes failures.

  • with every update I hope that the quicken/mobile would work and connect all my accounts. Another update, another disappointment!
  • sarah0779sarah0779 Member
    PLEASE make the windows shortcut CTRL+A map to “select all” in a text box instead of opening up the Accounts subpage. CTRL+A as Select All has been a Windows standard for decades and I inadvertently open the Accounts list all the time trying to use it within Quicken. Thanks!
  • JPGJPG Member ✭✭
    First let me say that I appreciate many of the improvements that have been made to Quicken over the years. However, they seem to have been focused primarily on the appearance of certain features and on web services which a user may not be interested in. For example, I don't need to access Quicken from my phone and I certainly would never put my information on your servers due to security concerns.

    When working with investment accounts, Quicken remains as unstable and quirky as it has always been. Several ongoing examples:
    1. When accepting transactions in brokerage accounts, the program after accepting several transactions will simply stop accepting any more transactions. The user has to close Quicken and then restart it in order to get additional transactions accepted.
    2. After working with transactions in individual accounts, clicking on the Investment tab (in order to update quotes in the Portfolio) often results in the program simply aborting and shutting down. The user must then restart Quicken and go to Investments directly from the home screen. Often, the program will abort during a quotes update and the user will have to restart and hit the update button again.
    3. During a quotes update, Quicken will "check" for missing stock splits. It will do this every time quotes are updated. The check is absolutely and totally useless as it returns incorrect and often incomprehensible information. Please stop the program from doing this repeated check or, at least, make the choice not to accept the suggested missing splits "sticky" so that the user doesn't have to cancel the same ones every time quotes are updated.
    4. When accepting the sale of a security with multiple buy lots, the user must for every such transaction select the gain/loss method (i.e., cost averaging or by lot and whether FIFO or LIFO). Other financial programs (and even the brokerages themselves) allow the user to set a default (e.g., sales by lot FIFO) which is automatically applied to every sale unless the user chooses otherwise. For an account that might have 30 or more sales on a single day, the difference for the user might be the push of a single button ("Accept All") versus multiple clicks for each and every sale transaction. (By the way, I have been a Quicken user since the early 2000's, and have been asking for this improvement since then. I have never received a response or acknowledgement of this suggested improvement!)
    5. When accepting transactions, particularly sales of securities, Quicken is still excruciatingly sloooow!. I have a high performance desktop with 32GB of RAM and the latest Intel i7 multicore processor, and it takes the program 15 to 30 seconds to process a single stock sale transaction. Someone should be tasked with making the program work faster than it does.
    6. For some seemingly inexplicable reason, or for no reason at all, you have removed the button on the right side bar to delete completed actions, so now they have remain there, grayed out, until the next time Quicken is started. Please bring the button back.

    Hoping that you will finally get some of these ongoing issues fixed.

    J. Giasi
  • 42jeff42jeff Member
    One function I would love to see on the mobile is to have the actual CURRENT balance shown on accounts. It only ever shows the end balance of the entire account instead of following each transaction which makes planning or budgeting impossible.
  • 183eej183eej Member
    i am growing tired of Windows updates and bugs. I’ve been using an Apple iPad Pro for several years now and only use my PC for Quicken. I am happy with the functionality of the Quicken for Windows software but not the Windows operating system. I have looked for Quicken products that will run on my iPad Pro without the need for an internet connection as I’m expecting to travel full time in my motorhome soon and don’t expect to have access to the internet everywhere I want to visit. What is available or on the horizon for customers like myself?
  • fpitlickfpitlick Member
    CUSIP ID's & Stock Exchange Symbols
    1st comment: Please consider auto downloading CUSIP ID's into security details as well as the current stock exchange symbol, or at least let the user add the CUSIP ID to the stock detailed info.

    My brokerage is now using CUSIP ID's in their reports and no stock exchange symbol so it is a real pain, with a company like Vanguard, to figure out which fund they area really reporting when a new one is added.

    2nd comment: how about optional fields in the "Holdings" view to include one or both of these identifiers (CUSIP ID's and stock exchange symbols)?
  • pkourypkoury Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    I would love the ability to track precious metals (Gold, Silver, etc.) using current spot prices, Bitcoin and other crypto assets, and certainly more bug fixes.

    I'm interested in knowing what the difference between Recurring Scheduled Transactions and Memorized Transactions are though... this doesn't compute for me - are they not the same exact thing?

  • I would like to see a feature where one can elect to NOT download options transactions from a brokerage firm. My situation is that I have a limited number of stock transactions but hundreds of options transactions. I can summarize the options transactions effect on my cash once a year. However, I still want to download the stock transactions.
  • How about a Cloud based Quicken. Everything else is cloud based.
  • To show that there are many people who want this feature, I am repeating a request from a previous comment :
    When accepting the sale of a security with multiple buy lots, the user must for every such transaction select the gain/loss method (i.e., cost averaging or by lot and whether FIFO or LIFO). Other financial programs (and even the brokerages themselves) allow the user to set a default (e.g., sales by lot FIFO) which is automatically applied to every sale unless the user chooses otherwise. For an account that might have 30 or more sales on a single day, the difference for the user might be the push of a single button ("Accept All") versus multiple clicks for each and every sale transaction.
  • dickdick Member
    As a mac user, am I the only one whose Quicken never knows what the date is when I enter a checking or credit card transaction? Quicken always tries to use a date that is one or two days past. Am I doing something wrong?
    MacBook Pro Mid-2018 15 inch
    2.6GHz 6‑core 8th‑generation Intel Core i7 processor
    OS X 10.14.5
    Memory: 32 GB
    Radeon Pro 560X with 4GB of GDDR5 memory
  • jphoya91jphoya91 Member ✭✭

    Thank you for saving Quicken for the Mac from the mess that it was before you took over. I think you are doing a great job and I love Quicken for the Mac.

  • Chris BogdonChris Bogdon Member ✭✭
    Will Quicken ever come out with a family plan? I want my high school kids to start to use it to track finances, but the new subscription process is too expensive for high school kids with only limited accounts.
  • Chris BogdonChris Bogdon Member ✭✭
    As a quicken user for 26 years, I have a massive amount of data in my database. I would love to migrate to the Mac Version for my uses. Is the Mac Version ready for a user like me!
  • t&bf3YP3t&bf3YP3 Member ✭✭
    Please fix the QFX file import from HSBC bank.
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Will Quicken ever come out with a family plan? I want my high school kids to start to use it to track finances, but the new subscription process is too expensive for high school kids with only limited accounts.
    Chris, you can create separate Quicken files for your kids, and you can install Quicken on as many different computers as you want, all with one subscription. 
    Quicken Mac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
  • Tom HughesTom Hughes Member ✭✭
    A big opportunity for Quicken, I am sure, would be to add portfolio management and analysis tools for users who manage their own investments (or use an outside money manager but want to track their actions independently). You probably know that this category -- self-managed portfolios -- is rising alongside the surging use of ETFs and low-expense passive mutual funds. Quicken is unique in giving a perspective that integrates cash management / budgeting with investments; nothing else does that, to my knowledge. The major missing features (list is incomplete) would include sub-portfolios (so you can separate "buckets" of assets, e.g., rainy-day funds from savings), contribution analysis (how much did this position or decision impact some level of performance or level of tracking error), income forecasting (very important to the self-managing users, many of them retirees) and scenario testing (if I do this trade, how does that impact my capital-gains liability, income, portfolio volatility, etc.)

    I would be happy to pay extra for such a service (especially if there was better integration with major discount brokers like Fidelity, Schwab, etc); the alternative is usually to pay an outside manager who charges a %age of assets -- a very un-desirable expense in a world where the 10-year Treasury is yielding 1.8% !!
  • TZQuickTZQuick Member ✭✭
    I would love to see support for cryto currencies and the related exchanges.
    Quicken user since 1993
  • Jerry PinskyJerry Pinsky Windows Beta Beta
    I switched to Quicken from Managing Your Money more 2 decades ago. I found that the latest version locked if I did not have internet service. When my local internet company starting having problems 2 months ago Quicken was useless. When I did have internet for a few hours I contacted Quicken and was told yes no internet/no Quicken and old Quicken ( I own 2017 and 2018) would definitely Not work with my data. I uninstalled Quicken, installed Quicken 2017 and it works fine. I will never spend another dime on Quicken and if Quicken 2017 stops working I will us another company's product. Quicken abandoned me after 20 years! I will abandon them.
  • crashmeister2crashmeister2 Member ✭✭
    I cannot believe no one has mentioned the elephant in the room. Budgets on the Mac. We were told years ago that you were working on a new budget functionality, particularly the ability to exclude accounts so you avoid zero sums in the budget and budget reports.
  • GeminiTwoGeminiTwo Member
    I was ready to upgrade but then you started requireing SUBSCRIPTIONS, as if you were some sort of magazine or newspaper. YOu may continue to do this and i am sure you dont much care about me and my antique attitude but I will find another platform before I “subscribe” to an app... sorry
  • bchellbchell Member
    Do you really want my feedback? I use Quicken for Mac 17. I use it to balance my checkbook and put things in categories for taxes and print out a report. It works fine. I won't subscribe for an annual service since my needs are simple. If it's my only option I'll switch to a different program. It's fine to offer a robust product for those who want and need it but a free or one time cost for a simple program may provide you customers for your more robust products. Alas, at my age I won't be one of them.
  • robertrxrobertrx Member
    Finally gave up Quicken 7 for Mac which did everything I needed but Mac OS versions were changing too fast. Picked Quicken for Mac because the Quickbooks purchase structures didn't work for me.
    The basic Quicken works fine but the Budget sections are too esoteric and there is no option to compare actuals with Budget in the Report section. So I have to print a separate Budget in Excel. Please make the Budget section more friendly and compatible with the Reports section. I would just like to add a Budget column to the actuals columns for comparison.
    I prefer a desktop software with phone support.
  • Honestly...leaving Quicken after 20+ years. The subscription model is terrible, the cloud is terrible, can't run standalone even if you want to, and the errors just keep compounding, and support is no help. Tired of waiting for the promise of improvements.
  • nasipesnasipes Member
    The feature I think would be very beneficial is image recognition for scanned receipts. Many expense software can an uploaded receipt for the date of the transaction, the amount, and sometimes the payee. Adding this would make entering receipts so much more worthwhile.
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