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An update from our CEO, Eric Dunn



  • Les IreyLes Irey Member ✭✭
    Mr Dunn, as you can see from above, there are hundreds upon hundreds of issues/problems with Quicken that remain unaddressed. I appreciate your efforts to make "Quicken better", but I would hope you do not loose focus on problems.

    My main issues, that I have reported, lay with the Investment category. Thre is no way to handle Annuities. These are not new investment products. The "cost basis" values are incorrect, no way to handle annual distributions ( Support suggested I enter my annuities as a "credit card"...duh? Therefore My Net Worth is wrong, etc.

    Reported issues seem to be not acknowledged or addressed.

    I have used Quicken Premier since 1990, for Windows. I am sure my problems are trivial to you, but they are "major" to me.

  • When I edit transactions, I choose and select a "Category" for that transaction. When I select another transaction for that same "Payee" the "Category" that I previously selected should appear automatically, rather that me having to re-select the "Category" again.
  • dgibbs415dgibbs415 Member
    FIX DISPLAY AND RESOLUTION INCOMPATIBILITY PROBLEMS !!! This is not just a font issue as I have tried to correct with Quicken staff several times. For all the new features, Quicken needs to tackle this problem: Users being able to actually use Quicken...without frustration...what a concept. For the last couple of years, 1) icons keep becoming more microscopic, 2) windows, tabs OVERLAP and cannot be read (literally only the top black lines or maybe the top of a letter of the tabs are visible) , 3) some message boxes are so large that you cannot even reach a button such as done or cancel at the bottom since it is off the screen 4) some message boxes are too small and only a few large letters are displayed.
    I have used Quicken for many years so I have been able to guess where tabs and icons are. I must approximate where I think cancel/done button is located. I have been waiting for news of this new release to address such basic problems. I have been dreading restarting and relearning a new software....but....
  • Please fix your "PRINT" issues - it is still bad. I discussed this at length with one of your "CHAT" folks last year. I need to print reports, but all the program will let me print is a reduced section on 1/4 of a page. Printing in this way is a waste since the print is so small and 3/4 of the page is empty/wasted space. Surely this can be fixed. (I already went through all the "settings" options with your folks on line last year - didn't work). This is a significant problem for me.

    Thank you.
  • Two improvements I'd like to see: 1) Ability to sync two computers. I use both a desktop computer and a laptop and would appreciate being able to sync them. 2) Give a choice of dates for upcoming bills and debits. Now the choice is too limited.
    Thanks for listening. Nancy
  • Hugo StiglitzHugo Stiglitz Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Sorry but I had to give up on Quicken because of your refusal to work with PayPal to allow seamless import of transactions. You blame PayPal, PayPal blames you. I lost hundreds of hours balancing my statements because PayPal would miss transactions, not import for weeks or months on end, or would double transactions or include bills as payments, etc. I've been using [removed] most of this year and do you know how many PayPal issues I've had to fix? ZERO! And do you know how they do it? They use the old QIF format that YOU abandoned!
  • NantucketbobNantucketbob Member ✭✭
    I wish we could get an email when an update is released. Updating when Quicken opens is sometimes slow, and it happens when I am in the middle of looking for something. Knowing an update is available means I can update at my convenience.
  • NantucketbobNantucketbob Member ✭✭
    I wish we could "lock" the balances of transactions in accounts without going through the reconciliation process. I never used that feature and my data goes back to 2004. Rarely an error occurs which changes a balance, and it is a pain to go back and find it. It has happened often enough that it is a real nuisance. At a minimum, changing a balance might issue a warning.
  • boddickerboddicker Member ✭✭
    Please add an undo function where applicable.
  • ksboynkyksboynky Member
    Would love to be a Simplifi beta tester.
  • Could you improve Quicken compatibility with Ally Bank and Ally Invest?
  • banthesbanthes Member ✭✭
    After a restart I have to open preferences and re check the box “use enter to move between fields”. Very irritating. Also it’s hard to believe you can’t simplify exporting data into quicken from payroll.
    Like most commenters, I too would be so out of here if there was an option to this program that was less crap. Get rid of the fluff and fix the issues the majority of us use on a regular basis before you introduce more crap 3 people might use occasionally.
  • JimAbelJimAbel Member
    FIX THE BUGS IN YOUR CURRENT PRODUCT. I am frequently advised by Quicken that an upgrade is available. When I attempt to download and install the new upgrade I get the error that some file is missing. This problem has been reported to Quicken support, but they seem to be unable to fix it.
  • I would like to see a Quicken Mac 07 patch to operate at 64k rather than just 32k. The new Mac system software operates only at 64k. I have Quicken Premier 2019, however like the Mac 07 much better. With the Mac 07 patch I would be able to download the latest system software. Will you create the patch?
  • Archive functionality for the Mac? Please, please, pretty please?
    I have 10 years of data in my current Quicken file, and Using it has gone beyond sluggish. I could start from scratch, but that means entering balances, copying outstanding transactions, and a whole lot of room to fat finger an entry.
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @ernestcolin This is a user forum, but I can answer your question: It's just not going to happen. Zero chance. Quicken 2007 is dead and gone (although you can keep using it manually if you wish, as long as you don't upgrade your macOS to Catalina).

    There is no possible "patch". Quicken 2007 depends on a bunch of core technologies from the early days of the Mac which no longer run in the 64-bit world of Catalina. It would need to be completely rewritten from the ground up -- and hey, that's exactly what Quicken 2019 is: a complete re-write using current Mac technologies under the hood. Quicken 2019 can do most things that Quicken 2007 does; it still lacks a bunch of features and functionality: a few major things, and many more smaller issues which impact usability for some but not a majority of users. The company has spent the past 6+ years working on this re-write of Quicken for Mac; originally with a tiny development team that could only move slowly, and now with a somewhat larger team that is plugging away at the hundreds of feature requests users have.

    In any case, you have two choices: (1) continue using Quicken 2007, unsupported, with manual-only data entry, on a Mac running a pre-Catalina operating system, or (2) purchase Quicken 2019 and import your Quicken 2007 data so you can have a more reliable, robust and supported version of Quicken, and you can upgrade your macOS when you want.

    If you choose to stick with Quicken 2007, you should be able to keep it running until such time as you need to get a new Mac that runs a new operating system. (But the Quicken 2007 database is notoriously quirky and trouble-prone, so you need to religiously keep backups because you'll otherwise be out of luck if you run into a data corruption error.)
    Quicken Mac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
  • I've used quicken since they took over MS Money and it's been trouble free excepting some features I never use, I wouldn't know. In recent times since the 2017/2018 conversion (a giant pain to accomplish), I've had trouble with various features I use. I gave up asking your assistance in getting my bank to download into it when I was told to basically create a new version but your download gave me everything I had for several years without the numerous corrections I made to many of the entries. I had to re-do them all so I opted to go back to my back-up which didn't solve the original problem. Then I discovered that if I download from my bank website instead, I have to use a filter for the dates I want or else it will download everything again without the corrections I had made in quicken. Next, I've had trouble with bills that received a payment confirmation from you both when done either through your website or the software but the payee never received. I never had that happen before. Three times this has happened in the last one to two years with another recent event being the 3rd. Next, the software has behaved odd with different issues such as disappearing bill reminders and I had to re-make them again. Lastly, recently you have been sending me notices of "new" payees added when I already had them in the system both in the software and on your bill pay website and Its not due to ANY changes I made to those payees.
  • Quicken 2019 21.12 is terrible. I've lost all function of my one step update. Everything now has to be manual download. Started with my Wells Fargo accounts and now it is everything. Even when I manually download from my bank/financial institution, the software doesn't even recognize which account it should link with in my Quicken account. Very Disappointing indeed!
  • I love quicken. I run the siftware in multi currency mode as GBP. Unfortunatly nothing in any if the newer releases wirks for the UK. Mobile or tax. Please consider making these things eork fir more than USD accounts. :( :(
  • I'm disappointed as a Windows, non-mobile user. What have you done to earn MY subscription fees?
  • TomZTomZ Member
    Please add location and time stamp fields. Useful for receipts/expense reports
  • Bob34Bob34 Member ✭✭
    If you don't fix the problem where recuring payments skip a month I am not going to renew my 2020 subscription. I have seen many reporst of this problem and no commitment to resolve it. I have been late on some utility bills this year when I have never been late ever. And that is just unacceptable in my mind.
  • Agree-- I will not go to a subscription version of Quicken. Everything I need (actually more than I need) is in the Quicken 17. I have been a user for 20+ years. I did try to use the Mac version and it required splitting and renaming investment transactions. WIth over 10 years of investments in 401k's and other investments- it was not feasible to undertaken even a couple of years. I do wish you would make the Mac version of Quicken a mirror of the Windows version. but it doesn't seem to be a priority even thought we've been promised. I am forced to still use Windows (through a third-party app partition) to preserve the functionality of Quicken for Windows. That has cause some excitement when my hard drive got to be too small but a small price to pay. Please just fix the bugs. Your subscription price is too high for needless "upgrades" when what you already have in Quicken 17 is just fine!
  • Why are all of your products only by subscription? I won't ever update if I have to pay every year! I'll build my own product using spreadsheets - and yes, I can do that.
  • I am a long time Quicken user, but because my data file contains about 7 years of data it is very large for both loading and for saving the ongoing file. It would be nice to be able to keep only the current an prior year transactions and have an archive file for the rest if needed later.
    Hello Lester Anderson,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback and suggestions here!

    Quicken for Windows does currently include the ability to archive or close out your data file at the end of the year. More specifically, the Quicken Year-End Copy command creates an archive of your data and removes all transactions prior to the date you enter. This option will reduce the size of your current file and create a separate archive file to store the remainder of your transactions. 

    However, Quicken for Mac does not currently have an Archiving or End of Year Copy feature. You may consider adding your vote to Add "Save a Copy" feature (similar to "Year End Copy"). Every vote counts!

    Thank you,

    Quicken Natalie

  • I use Quicken 2017 Deluxe. I don't know about anyone else, but all I want is a simple way to keep up with my checking accounts. I don't download from my bank, and I don't care about all the "gee whiz" additions to Quicken. Therefore, Quicken 2017 satisfies my needs just fine. Therefore, I don't wish to have to pay an annual fee to keep Quicken running. Just give me a simple interface. It sounds like "Simplifi" could be that product..
  • I stopped using windows a few years ago, so I no longer use quicken. An Ubuntu/ Linux compatible version would be useful for me.
  • ShawnDavisShawnDavis Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    I'd like to use Quicken Mac but after many years of promises, it still is a deficient product. It's only getting memorized transactions now???? I'm sick of waiting for Quicken to bring the Mac version up to the 2005 windows version when the rest of the world has moved on. I now use envelope budgeting on Mac with a competitor and it works very well. Either create a Mac product with modern envelope or zero-dollar budgeting, built for 2019, or just give up.
  • I can suggest two enhancements, both related to how Quicken maintains investment information.

    1. I would like to have the option of using an alternate method for calculating cost basis for investments held in a retirement account.

    2. I would like the built in charting feature to allow me to display the performance of more than one investment at a time.

    For the first request, imagine that you have two accounts at Vanguard, one is a regular, taxable, brokerage account and the other is an IRA or 401K tax sheltered retirement account. Imagine that each account has a $1000 investment in the same Vanguard mutual fund, and that the investor has asked Vanguard to reinvest any returns automatically. Imagine that at the end of the year, the fund has returned $100 in the form of dividends and capital gains on both of the $1000 investments. Imagine also that the price at the end of the year is exactly equal to the investment price. Today, Quicken will report that both accounts have a net gain of 0, even though they are both worth $100 more than the original investment. For the retain brokerage account, that's mostly correct because the investor had to pay tax on the $100 return that was received and reinvested. For the retirement account, that makes no sense, because no tax was due. The investor put $1000 into the account, it's now worth $1100 even though the share price hasn't increased (the investor now has more shares).

    For the second request, I often use Quicken charting to understand how my investments are performing. It drives me crazy that the y-axis on the chart automatically adjusts in a different way for each security, and that I can't chart more than one security at a time. Maybe I have two mutual funds: one is very conservative and doesn't change much over time, but over the last two months it fell 1/4 of one percent. Quicken might chart that in a way that looks like it fell off a mountain: I have to look at the range of the Y axis to understand that this is not really true, it only lost a tiny amount of value. Maybe my other mutual fund is highly volatile and over the past three months it has gone up and down 3% every week. Quicken will chart that in a way that looks like a low amplitude zig-zag. If I don't look at the Y-axis range, I'll be left with the impression that my very conservative investment is doing terribly and my highly volatile investment is doing OK, when the converse is really the reality.

    Begin able to chart both investments at the same time (ideally up to perhaps 10 investments at the same time) would allow me to compare their behavior on the same Y axis and form a clearer understanding of their relative performance.

  • bobh007bobh007 Member ✭✭
    Quicken only shows the last four accounts when I click on 'File.' I have six accounts. Have to use 'File' 'Open' to select from the two least recently used. Would be nice to increase the display to the last five or six accounts.
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