Two issues that I can't figure how to solve.

1- Ending Balance is a lot higher than Online Balance.
2- When comparing my bank account activity and Quicken transactions, I realize that an entire month of transactions is missing. How do I fix?

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  • NotACPA
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    1) The Ending balance in Q includes Future dated transactions and transactions that you've recorded in Q but have not yet cleared the bank. Online Balance only includes transactions that have cleared the bank.
    2) Which month? A recent one? And, do you download from the bank into Q?
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  • Thank you for your reply. The month missing is from Nov 2nd to Dec 12 2019.
    I typically just do 'Update Accounts' for all accounts within Q and all transactions are downloaded. I've tried to select just the account in question and a manual "Update Now" but that hasn't solve my issue. I also noticed a transfer from Sept 3 that hasn't been captured in Q but was cleared by the bank. I am now worried about the accuracy in Q.